In Cart Upsell now displays offers on product pages as well as ajax carts and cart pages

In Cart Upsell now displays offers on product pages as well as ajax carts and cart pages

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell

In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell

Laser targeted upsells and cross-sells directly in your cart and product page. No pop-ups, no distractions.

Rule #1: Don't interrupt customers

Don't interrupt people who are trying to give you money. Make more money on every sale by offering additional products right inside your shopping cart.

AI Powered Offers

Our AUTOPILOT system can automatically recommend the exact product your shopper is most likely to buy next!

100% Customizable Offers

Use countless options to customize the offer logic and design. choose when it appears. Choose how it looks like.

No Coding needed

We use modern technologies and advanced solutions to set up your offers.

24/7 Support

Friendly, expert technical support is always just an email and chat away - we're here to help you succeed!

Increase Revenue in 3 Simple Steps


Simply open the app and run our setup wizard to create your first in-cart "offer"

Select which product you'd like to offer on your cart page, which customers you'd like to offer it to, and how you'd like it to look.


View your new offer on your live store

Open your store's site, add your base product into your cart, and then check out your cart page. Pretty cool, right?


After that, just wait and see

Log back into your In Cart Upsell app anytime to see how much revenue your offer has earned you!

Immediate Results

We help you achieve your #1 eCommerce goal - more sales. Show laser-targeted upsell offers to your customers, increase your average order size, and start selling more. We measure your offers' performance so you can easily see which offers are the most effective for your customers. Advanced plans include A/B testing so your offers can optimize themselves.

30 Second Setup

It's incredibly easy to get started. Our setup wizard will let you place the offer in your shopping cart and customize the colors to match your store.
Then you can create different offers depending on cart contents, type of customer, the amount spent, or any combination. You can offer upsell items, cross-sell products, discount excess inventory, or just show a simple message.


Here is a list of our fixed-price plans suitable for any company and business.

Shopify Basic


per month

First month FREE500 OffersPost-purchaseGeo-targetingAutopilot (AI-generated offers feature)A/B testingAdvanced discount terms

Shopify Standard


per month

First month FREE500 OffersPost-purchaseGeo-targetingAutopilot (AI-generated offers feature)A/B testingAdvanced discount terms



per month

First month FREEAll features of Shopify StandardLive onboarding supportDedicated success manager support



per month

First month FREE
All features of the Shopify Advanced plan
Dedicated 24/7 success manager support
LIVE Account set up

14,000+ Happy Customers


"Great App. Great Customer service to fix any small issues. Has made me an extra $3700 in the first 2 weeks."


"Good app to sell more on your store with quick upsells. Easy to use and not that expensive. In addition, the team support is very fast and efficient to answer your problem."


“After testing In-Cart Upsell against Bold Upsell, we saw a 180%+ lift in average upsell revenue per person over a two-week period. In-Cart Upsell’s support was instrumental in making sure that everything was integrated well with our cart. The experience was top-notch from beginning to end: easy to configure & pull results from. It was a major win for our optimization program.”


"This app is absolutely amazing. The upsells and cross sells are completely costumizable in every way - triggets, text, look and feel, etc And when I had a question about something, customer support was very helpful and even asked if they could improve the look and feel of the upsell themselves to look more like my website. Can't say enough good things about this app."


"I installed this app yesterday, and the support I received from the development team was phenomenal. I can't speak more highly of their customer service."


"What great service from this provider. We had a few issues setting it up and they worked it out for us. Very responsive and helpful. The app is working well, so far very pleased with the results. Thanks!"


"A really great app so far, and does exactly what it says. The app was going through some works when I initially installed it, so I was having issues setting up, but the customer support was beyond supportive and helped me set up everything that I needed. I highly recommend."


"I love this app so much, it is very good! It is nice and smooth! The best part of the app is the customer service too as this is very important for your business, they are very responsive and supportive. I highly recommend to get this app! 100% worth it with no hassle and easy to use."


"App does what it says and is inexpensive. Has definitely contributed to a load of upsells that wouldn't have happened without it. We recently had an issue with the setup wizard not working with our theme, but support was fast and helpful and was resolved within 24 hours."